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TNIAAM Bracket Challenge Update

How's YOUR bracket? That great, huh?

You can check it here:

I would love to brag that I correctly picked NC State, Ohio, & USF...because I did. However I also had Vegas in the Elite 8 [which would have been a good possibility given Duke getting dumped]

H/T to 1st place East Coast Bias and anyone else who picked the Norfolk St upset, and likewise for 3rd place Lucy's Picks on getting Lehigh right.

As we all know, however, standings after round 1 often mean jack. In a graduated scoring system [with seed multipliers!], it's all about keeping your Sweet 16 and Elite 8 in tact....can't wait for my USF Sweet 16 pick to vault me about 22 spots in the standings :-)

go ORANGEMENS, and most of all be safe on this St. Patrick's Day!