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NCAA Tournament: The Syracuse Orange Need To Go Red

Marxism–Leninism is an ideology that promotes the development and creation of an international socialist, and ultimately, a communist society through the leadership of a revolutionary party presiding over a socialist state that represents a dictatorship over the proletariat.

In a way, the Syracuse Orange basketball team is already a communist system. The dictator (Jim Boeheim) rules over the proletariat working class (the players) whereby the controlling party (the coaching staff, led by Boeheim) dictate the economy while turning all private property into public property (Nike gear) while leaving private property untampered with (Twitter feeds).

Marxist-Leninist society seeks also attempts to purge anything considered bourgeois (NCAA), idealist (Dana O'Neill), or religious (The Big East Catholic schools), so it works on that level as well.

All of this comes up because I had a thought this morning that the Orange will do well to play a Marxist-Leninism style of basketball from here on out. As the capitalist fatcats from Kentucky and North Carolina stockpile talent at the expense of others, the Orange have been a cohesive unit most of the season. They need to continue to oppose these capitalist ideals and remember that we only succeed when the entire working class comes together in support of one another at all times.

The UNC-Asheville game was good example of what I'm talking about. James Southerland played a great game but he did so while C.J. Fair didn't play well. Kris Joseph and Scoop Jardine were great late but nowhere to be found early on. Rakeem Christmas and Baye Moussa Keita made strides but have a ways to go if they want to be considered strong comrades side by side as we march on the bourgeois.

Heed this warning and the Orange may prevail. Heed it not and we acquiesce. And I'm pretty sure we promised to never acquiesce.

This guy knows what I'm talking about.