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Syracuse vs. Kansas State: The Nooner Strikes Again


As if Syracuse Orange fans weren't already feeling wary about their upcoming "third" round game against the Kansas St. Wildcats in the NCAA Tournament, now we find out it's going to be a Nooner.

After surviving their second-round contest against the No. 16-seeded UNC-Asheville Bulldogs, the East Region's top-seeded Syracuse Orange will face No. 8 Kansas St. Wildcats Saturday at 12:15 p.m. ET on CBS in a third-round, NCAA Tournament matchup in Pittsburgh, Pa. The winner advance to the Sweet 16 to play either No. 5 Vanderbilt Commodores or No. 4 Wisconsin Badgers.

Back in September, Doug Marrone said the football team was 1-17 since 2006. If you include the results of this past season, we're 2-20. The question is, does our ineffective play at the hour demarcating the beginning of the afternoon translate to basketball as well?

The good news is that the game will not be televised on truTV. After last year's Marquette debacle and this year's UNC-Asheville debacle, I've had quite enough of that channel, thank you very much.

Just because you doubted the Orange doesn't mean they did. At least not Dion Waiters (I mean, of course not Dion Waiters...).

"Nervous?" repeated Dion Waiters, the Orange guard who is constitutionally incapable of being so. "No. Not at all. We’ll never have that mentality. You can’t play basketball if you’re nervous. We knew we were going to win. That’s just us. But yeah, that was a big wakeup call. We’ve got to do a better job getting off to a better start. It’s good to get that kind of game out of the way now."

As for those Wildcats, hi guys! Remember us? You probably do. Nice to see you again. Or not, as the case may be...