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2012 busted Mug Championship - Miller Region 2 v 3

BustedMugLogoAnd the upsets keep rolling on. The March 14 contests in the Ostertag and Hazell brackets were all chalk, with both higher seeds advancing in blowouts. March 15, though, was underdog Thursday. Fourth seed Carlos Lopez took down West Virginia's "Truck" Bryant in the Miller Region and in the Cassell region, Rutgers' Gilvydas Biruta (3) upset the two seed in the region, Boris Brakalov.

The NCAA tournament followed suit on Thursday with 2 upsets; (12) VCU over (5) Wichita St. in the South region and (11) Colorado over (6) UNLV in the West. Luckily for the Rebs, Carlos Lopez still carries the championship hopes on in the BMC.


Name: Darius Johnson-Odom (2)

Team: G, Marquette Golden Eagles

Busted Stats: Another top seed from the BEast, an apropos nickname for a conference with an abundance of busted mugs. DJO was one of two Marquette players voted to the All Big East first team, not doubt because he looks like this guy. The voters were probably scared not to vote for him.



Name: Tyler Zeller (3)

Team: C, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Tar Heels

Busted Stats: Ever heard of the Golden Ratio? It's a mathematical concept that describes the proportions and symmetry most aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. It's applies to everything from architecture to music to human physiology. Zeller's misshapen mug is not that.