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2012 Busted Mug Championship- Hazell Region 1 v. 4


Another day, another close call for our beloved Syracuse Orange. They do certainly like to make things interesting. After getting over feeling physically ill, the game wasn't all that bad. Syracuse has won ugly all year. I think the panic/frustration stems from the fact that this was a game against a NCAA 16 seed. The possibility of being the first 1 to lose to a 16 hung over the whole game, making it seem worse than it was. The Orange still got the W and it wasn't even as close as any other time a 1 almost went down in the first round.

Darryl "Truck" Bryant wasn't nearly so lucky in his first round match up, falling behind early to UNLV's Carlos Lopez and never really recovering. Let's see what the 1 v. 4 contest in the Hazell region has to offer.


Name: Mookie Jones (1)

Team: F, Syracuse Orange

Busted Stats: Ah, every Syracuse fan's favorite gunner. A chucker to put even Dont'e Greene to shame. The only thing uglier that Mookie's grill is his 29.4 3pt% on the season.



Name: Garrick Sherman (4)

Team: F, Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Busted Stats: To be truthful, Sherman fullfills the "token goofy looking white guy" slot in the field of 17. Granted, goofiness come in all shapes, sizes, races, creeds and colors, but it felt wrong to leave the Irish out and Sherman was the most likely candidate.