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Syracuse vs. UNC-Asheville: Keith Hornsby & The Range

Why didn't anyone tell us that Bruce Hornsby's kid is in the UNC-Asheville Bulldogs?

"I've waited for this day my whole life," Keith says in a phone interview with, hours after he and his teammates had learned of their tournament fate. "I've watched so many teams on screen celebrating and I never imagined how exciting it could be until I was actually placed in their shoes."

Bruce, now 57, is again in the midst of a 22-city solo tour. After weekend dates in Santa Barbara and Phoenix, he watched his son's tournament travel plans from New York, where he's prepping a Broadway play he and friends have been commissioned to write.

I have so many thoughts on this...

UNC-Asheville is going to lose and that's just the way it is. Some things will never change.

I know Keith is able to score but if forced outside, I wonder if he has The Range?

On the Western skyline, I expect to see the sun set on the Bulldogs season today.

If Keith and Dion Waiters are matched up, watch Dion get Every Little Kiss off the glass on his drives.

"Man! Doh! Lin!" is what Asheville players will be exclaiming when James Southerland decided to Rain threes on them, momentarily making them think he's the Knicks star..

Sorry Asheville, you'll be leaving on that same Valley Road you came to Pittsburgh on.

Across the river in Cincinnati they're going to know how impressive Syracuse's win was today.

Get your Noisemakers ready to celebrate Syracuse's win!

The Horns be trumpting back in Central New York when the Orange move on to the second round.

And I'm done...

H/T: FeloniusPhunk