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2012 Busted Mug Championship- Cassell Region 2 v 3


The Busted Mug Championship rolls on in the Sam Cassell region. Cassell is one of the lucky few whose prowess at basketball and big balls dances outshone the fact that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Admiral Akbar.

The contestants in the 2 v 3 match up in region that bears Cassell's name are unlikely to be so fortunate. For them, the road to fame will likely lead..., well, to something other than fame. But that's not to say that people wouldn't laugh at YouTube videos of them pantomiming the size of their testicles. Perhaps there's hope for them yet.

On to the match up:


Name: Boris Brakalov (2)

Team: G, St. John's Red Storm

Busted Stats: Brakalov is a senior from Bulgaria whose mug screams "walk-on exhcange student." He attended National Trade and Banking high school. His hairline is receding like a banker's. That's all I got.



Name: Gilvydas Biruta (3)

Team: F, Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Busted Stats: Much like Brakalov, Birtuta could have made the field simply on the strength of being the token eastern European. But Biruta also brings to the table the fact that he looks like a 6'8" version of Peter Dinklage.