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2012 Busted Mug Championship- Miller Region 1 v 4

BustedMugLogoWith the opening round games played on Tuesday and Wednesday, the NCAA Tournament has officially begun and, along with it, the madness and mayhem.

Both Western Kentucky and Brigham Young staged stunning comebacks to play their way into the field of 64, while the Iona Gaels and Delta Devils of Mississippi Valley State are left scratching their heads.

The same trend has appeared in in the BMC. The higher seeds have jumped out to huge leads in the early voting. The polls for the March 14th match ups are are open until 11:55PM EDT. Let's see if the underdogs can stage a comeback to advance.

Today's first busted mugs:


Name: Darryl "Truck" Bryant (1)

Team: G, West Virginia Mountaineers

Busted Stats: I don't know where Bryant got his nickname, "Truck". If I had to venture a guess, it would be because his mug looks like it got ran over by one. This is what I imagine 50 Cent looked like immediately after getting shot in the face.



Name: Carlos Lopez (4)

Team: G, University of Nevada Las Vegas Runnin' Rebels.

Busted Stats: A true gem in the field of 17, Lopez's roster pic is actually worse than the action shot that led to his nomination. Here he looks like a cross between Andy Rautins and Howdy Doody. The addition on the faux hawk and the stubble beard to the airfoil ears make Lopez a formidable 4th seed.