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Syracuse In NCAA Tournament: Get On The Map With TiqIQ Connect

This post is sponsored by TiqIQ

We're excited to be one of their first partners to launch TiqIQ Connect, a new app from TiqIQ that allows you to update your game status, choosing either 1) Going 2) Maybe going or 3) No/watching. The below image walks you through each step.


One you've 'checked in', you can see all the other fans who have updated their status. If they're a friend, you can message them about grabbing the beer at the half and if they're not friends, well, you can friend them. This is a great way for the Nunes community to connect around the thing they love doing most, watching the Orange!

Click here to connect for the Saturday Session, and also check for deals:

Any comments, questions, feedback or ideas on the new product, feel free to email the TiqIQ guys at