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2012 Busted Mug Championship- Hazell Region 2 v 3


The 2012 Busted Mug Championship rolls on in the Jeremy Hazell region. Hazell is one of the Big East's all-time busted mugs, so it's fitting that every member of the region plays for a Big East team. Art, they say, imitates life. So it should come as no surprise that the Big East dominates the BMC bracket the same way it does the NCAA selections.

The 2 v. 3 match up in this region features a well known mug and one that I had never even heard of until I started scouring Big East rosters for potential BMC candidates. Jordan Theodore is a well known thorn in Syracuse's side and an ugly son of a gun to boot. Ron Giplaye is among the many BMC contestants that are buried on their team's bench.

The matchup:


Name: Jordan Theodore

Team: G, Seton Hall Pirates

Busted Stats: Theodore has all the components of a truly busted mug. The misshapen face, bug bug eyes the goofy teeth. He has a strong case for a BMC #1 seed, but was just barely nudged out, much like his Pirates and the NCAA. He has what it takes, though, to bring the Hall a championship where the NCAA denied him one.



Name: Ron Giplaye

Team: F, Providence Friars

Busted Stats: Another victim of a bad hair choice. I might not be a fan of the mohawk, but recognize the trend. And I can appreciate the return of the high top fade. I used to rock one back in the day. But the HTF mohawk? That's a new one I hope never catches on.