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2012 Busted Mug Championship- Ostertag Region 1 v 4


I'll be perfectly honest. After the news broke that Fab Melo was declared ineligible to patrol the paint during Syracuse's trek through the NCAA tournament, I'm hardly in the mood for yet another bracket. But the show, as they say, must go on. The NCAA tourney will go on without Fab, so why shouldn't the Busted Mug Championship.

The 1 v. 4 matchup in the Greg Ostertag region features the prime examples of the two ends of the Busted Mug spectrum. Duke's Ryan Kelly might not look all that bad without the beard. Frank Kaminski of Wisconsin, though.... Let's just say it's only fitting that Ostertag represents this region.

The tale of the tape:


Name: Frank Kaminski

Team: F, Wisconsin Badgers

Busted Stats: You know that kid in high school everyone made fun of because of his goofy smile and his pizza face? Kaminski is the 6'11" version of that kid. He's a frosh, so there's hope for him yet. If he's lucky, he can avoid the field of 17 in the future



Name: Ryan Kelly

Team: F, Duke Blue Devils

Busted Stats: I'll admit that I bent my own rules for Kelly. His roster pic isn't that bad, but after seeing him in action during a Duke/Carolina game, I couldn't leave him out of the field. It's the beard. He looks like he should be parked outside a Chuck E Cheese in a windowless van rather that spotting up for 3 for a #2 NCAA seed.