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Where Are We Watching: Big East Tournament First Round?

The Syracuse Orange will take on the UNC-Asheville Bulldogs on Thursday, March 15 at roughly 3:15 p.m. EST in the "second" round of the NCAA Tournament.

Unless you've already purchased your tickets, you'll be cozying up to a television or computer screen at work, home or a local food & beverage establishment. Given the odd time of the game, your usual game-watching spot might be out of the question.

So before I post the official Where Are We Watching post, I wanted to reach out and see if there are new or special spots that Syracuse fans are watching the game Thursday. I know here in Seattle we'll be watching in a different place as usual.

I'm also hoping to hear about specific gamewatch places in certain notable markets that we don't have a spot for currently, including...

Rochester - I'm tired of hearing about how the Anchor Bar sucks but then never getting a recommendation to replace it. Anchor Bar is out, now pick a place for TNIAAM readers and Cuse fans and have at it.

Pittsburgh - Seems silly given where the game is but I'm sure there will be Syracuse fans in town not at the game.

Dallas - Top five market, people. I know there's Syracuse fans there...

Detroit - You can't just keep showing up at Dave Bing's house. He's busy.

Minneapolis - I feel like we used to have a spot here but lost it along the way.

Cleveland - Hello, Cleveland!

Sacramento/Modesto - What's up NoCal Cuse fans?

Orlando - You know some SU fan scheduled a trip to Disney this weekend by accident.

St. Louis - Midwestern Cuse grads gotta watch the Orange, too.

Connecticut - I feel like we're missing out on a lot of Connecticut-based gamewatches...

South Jersey - We've got NoJerz covered, how bout you Shore folk?

International - Whether you're in Europe, Asia, Canada or even Antarctica, there's a chance another Syracuse fan is in the area looking for a place to watch the game. If you know a spot, share it. If you want to establish it, even for this game only, let me know.

And anything else not on the usual list, of course...