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NCAA Tournament: Vegas Odds Against Syracuse To Win National Title

The Syracuse Orange might be a one seed in the 2012 NCAA Tournament, but Las Vegas isn't treating them like one.

Here's the odds for the top four seeds to win the National Championship, according to Glantz-Culver:

Kentucky Wildcats - 7-2

North Carolina Tar Heels - 9-1

Michigan St. Spartans - 10-1

Syracuse Orange - 12-1

So unconvinced are they that the Orange don't even have the best odds in their own region (Ohio St. is 10-1) and two other two-seeds have the same odds as they (Kansas Jayhawks, Missouri Tigers).

Cantor Gaming has the Orange at 10-1 currently, which puts them behind Ohio State (6-1).

Bovoda has Syracuse 10-1 as well, below all the other one-seeds and below or tied with 3 two-seeds.

It's not just Vegas that doesn't like Syracuse's chances, Sagarin's simulation doesn't think the Orange will emerge from their region either:

Ohio State, though only the second seed in the tournament's East Region, played out as the second most likely winner – a little more than eight million times out of 64 million. Top-seeded Syracuse was only the sixth-most likely champion at 3.9 million.

Ahead of the Orange: Michigan State (5.4 million), Kansas (5.1 million) and North Carolina (4.6 million).

As for the Asheville game, Syracuse is currently a 17-point favorite in that one. Though if you're really ready to wheel and deal, the Bulldogs are currently 1000-1 to win the National Championship.