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The 2012 TNIAAM NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em

Hello kids! Been a little vaporous the last few weeks. Sorry, was too busy sunning myself on South Beach and seeing Radiohead. *sigh*

I'm back with a vengeance and ready to administer this splendiferous calabash of college hoops.

The 2012 TNIAAM NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em

If you are queried for a password, it is entered thusly: bigbastard

1) Crazy insane scoring system. Not only are the points progressive round-by-round, but so are the UNDERDOG SEED MULTIPLIERS. That's right, when your premonition that 7 Temple is going to knock off 2 Kansas in the second round, you'll be rewarded with 5 differential points TIMES 2 for the 'second[third?]' round. So if WKU marches to the championship and beats Kentucky, that would theoretically be worth 96 points (16X6).

2) Keep yourself known. I know many of us are superstitious and loyal to our traditional fantasy-sports-world screen names. My web [and hip-hop] alter ego is 'DJ Tasty Morsel'....however in this case I followed my name with a parenthetical insertion of my TNIAAM name. So, ideally, you'll show up as follows: AwesomeFantasyName[AwesomeTNIAAMname]

3) Sean has candy and prizes for the winner[s]. What they are, I don't know, but I'm sure he'll amend this post appropriately. (Ed. Note - Compiling right now, will announce before Wednesday)

4) I will attempt brief updates daily/bi-daily. However I'll be in NYC on Friday and Bar Crawlin' on at the standings yourself if you need to...

5) I thought about forcing all of you to pick Syracuse as champions to qualify. I won't do that. However, I will say that picking against us this year is like Ross dating one of his students...highly frowned upon...even taboo...

The gauntlet has been laid...

...may the best me win.