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NCAA Tournament Tickets: Pittsburgh Or Bust

This post is sponsored by TiqIQ

There aren't a whole lot of guarantees in the NCAA Tournament. Sure, the Syracuse Orange "should" make it to the Final Four in New Orleans and the most certainly "should" at least head to Boston for the East Regional. But you and I have watched enough college basketball to know that you can never count on anything for sure, especially in the Tourney.

There is, however, one thing we can be reasonably sure of. Syracuse will begin the NCAA Tournament in Pittsburgh for the first weekend. And if you want to go see the Orange begin their march towards immortality, then I would suggest buying a ticket as soon as possible before they're all gone or accounted for.


If you're thinking about making the trip, make sure you get tickets from the official NCAA Ticket Exchange, Primesport. With Selection Sunday only a few days away, below is a closer look at current ticket prices in Pittsburgh.

All Sessions: Tickets start at just $225
Session 1: Tickets start at $100 per
Session 2: Tickets start at $100 per
Session 3: Tickets start at $160 per

Once Syracuse is selected to play in Pittsburgh to take on some directional school you've never heard of, ticket prices are sure to increase ASAP so click here to see all current ticket options from Primesport: