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Scoop Jardine: A Syracuse Basketball Story In Five Years

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Donna Ditota ha posted the definitive Scoop Jardine piece over at and I won't say much other than that you should go read it.

When you really think about it, it's been an impressive story arc for Scoop. The goofy freshman who almost got booted over CheesesteakGate, rode the pine during a key stretch of his college career, transformed his body and his psyche by the time he was a junior and truly became a team leader as a senior.

As for Donna's story, there's a couple notes worth mentioning:

  • Scoop Jardine is from Philadelphia. FINALLY, we know.
  • As a reminder, "Scoop" comes from his grandmother, who said his head resembled an ice cream scoop growing up. If my grandmother did that to me, I'd be in therapy nine times a week.
  • One of Scoop's best friend growing up was Ernest Davis. How did we not know this? Of course he was destined to come to Syracuse.
  • "I know people whose grandmom sells drugs, whose mom sells drugs." My grandmom made homemade matzo ball soup, which may or may not count as a drug, so I know what Scoop went through.
  • One gets the sense that no matter what happens the rest of the way, Scoop will be getting standing O's and handshakes in Syracuse for years to come.