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Syracuse's 2005 Loss To Vermont Gets Fringed By AT&T

Syracuse basketball is developing a strange relationship with TV commercials.

Remember that Ray Allen commercial about that time he beat Syracuse so bad that we've never forgotten it even though we don't even remember what game that was or even care about Ray Allen at all?

Well it looks like history has been rewritten again in regards to the Syracuse Orange. This time it's AT&T, who seems to have either changed the outcome of Syracuse's crushing loss to Vermont in the 2005 NCAA Tournament or they've got footage from the Fringe alternate universe.


A male neighbor asks the husband for an update on the score of a college basketball game and a simulated screen image clearly shows Syracuse playing Vermont on his phone. A close-up shows SU winning, 71-69, with 0:42 left in the second half -- a completely different score than exists in the record books.

The husband tells his neighbor, "Oh, down by two, shoots a three -- game over." The clip showed a Vermont player taking a 3-point shot, but it's not clear if the ad implies UVM made the shot and still won. Either way, the score is still very much a rewriting of Orange basketball history.

Assuming this is from our universe, the Orange actually lost that game by three.

However, if this is from the Fringe alternate universe, it might just mean that Vermont missed, Syracuse won the game, went on to win the 2005 National Title and won the next five as well before Fringe Division encased the Carrier Dome in amber. Faux Jim Boeheim remains suspended in frozen animation, just waiting for his chance to win one more title.