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Orange Glory Is Orange And Glorious

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When you create a DVD called Orange Glory: The 20 Greatest Moments In Syracuse Basketball and you fill it with "a compilation of more than fifty interview subjects, hundreds of hours of conversations and thousands of hours of game footage covering five decades of amazing memories," there is a certain demographic of people that are going to just buy it sight unseen.

You, I believe, are that demographic.

I got a chance to watch the DVD early and I can confirm all of that. I don't want to go into details about what unfolds and what order because I think every Syracuse Orange fan should experience this DVD without knowing the specifics. You get way more chills that way.

Here's my quick video report on the DVD, which coincides as my very first YouTube video for SB Nation.

I will say that everything you think is on the DVD is on the DVD and a few things you might not remember or ever know are on the DVD as well. Even more, you name the Syracuse star from the past 40 years and they show up at some point to talk about what it was like or how they remember these great moments.

The best thing about the DVD is the quality footage. There's no scrimping on the production value, you get the TV feed as it was live along with the real announcers. And the MUSIC! Oh the music. Seriously, if you're just an average Syracuse fan with passing interest, you'll get the chills at least ten times.

What's great about the DVD is that it serves a lot of purposes. It's a great way to pump yourself up before a game. It's a great "let's go to the videotape" tool whenever you have a disagreement about, say, what happened during Six Overtimes. And it's perfect for those times when you meet a young Syracuse fan who has never seen Pearl Washington's halfcourt shot. Well here you go...

The DVD will be available on on Thursday and retail for $19.99 plus shipping. To answer your question, no, it won't be available for streaming or download, DVD-only for the time being.

I'll have a chat with Matt Sharp, President of Sharp Entertainment, the company that produced the DVD. He's a lifelong, die-hard Syracuse fan and he'll talk about how the DVD came to be. In the meantime, watch the promo for the 50th time below.

Orange Glory :60 Web Promo from Sharp Digital, LLC on Vimeo.