Blind Taste Test - Centers

I probably led with the best of these, by position. Centers are not as diverse as guards in their playing styles, generally. But I've learned some and grown some and think comparing the centers will be at least a little interesting.

Below are the Big East centers with names removed and a selection of salient statistics for each. Who best combines Offense, Defense and Rebounding? Identifying our own Fabricio Melo in this mix is not really a challenge here, so don't over-think it. Just look at how the different people line up without names attached. If the All Big East team went by position, who would you choose to be on the team?

I changed my methodology a little for this. I chose people who have a C next to their name on their team roster and play at least 20 minutes. One of the entries here is anomalous enough that it made me question the entire concept, but I went ahead any way. And I threw in one non-Big East forward because he pretty much plays center and I wanted to see how he lined up. He is also pretty easy to spot (and does not qualify for All Big East first team honors).


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Yes, there are only seven "centers" that qualified under my criteria. Many teams don't have a single center on their roster, and others that do use them to keep the bench warm.

Identities Revealed!

The O-Rating, and all the stats, are courtesy of


M/Game = Minutes per game

PPG = Points per game

EFG% = A field goal percentage that allots a higher value to 3pt FG

TS% = A field goal percentage that allots a higher value to 3pt FG and accounts for FT%

O-Rating = Offensive Rating... points created per 100 possessions... and I have no idea how it's calculated

Rebound Percentages = Percentage of available rebounds attained by the player.

Block Percentage = Percentage of defensive possessions resulting in a blocked shot.