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Syracuse Defeats Georgetown: Quotant Quoatables

The Syracuse Orange defeated the Georgetown Hoyas 64-61 on Wednesday. Here are the quotes to prove it.

Jim Boeheim, on the great job his team did:

"This was a disaster game as far as I am concerned. This is very disappointing at this stage of the year."

Jim Boeheim, on how well the team is rebounding:

There is just no excuse the way we are rebounding right now. It’s a team effort; it’s everybody, it’s not one guy. Right now, I don’t think we’re a good basketball team because we can’t rebound.

Jim Boeheim, on how he knew Kris Joseph was primed for a big night:

Well, yesterday was the first day that I can remember in a long time that he made some shots in practice.

Boeheim, comparing Fab Melo to Rick Jackson:

"I’d say he’s [Fab Melo] just a little bit better shot blocker. Not as good of a rebounder but a better shot blocker."

John Thompson III on whether or not he was disappointed:

"Yes, it's disappointing."

Kris Joseph on the clutch three to seal the victory:

"There were three options: Scoop (Jardine), Dion (Waiters) or myself. For some reason, they left me open. I was open and I just got it to fall. I was ready for it and it fell."

Kris, on what it means to beat G'town tonight:

It’s the last game I’ll ever play against Georgetown, assuming we don’t play them in the Big East Tournament," Kris Joseph said. "So it was good. I feel like I came out on top in this rivalry."

Kris, on who motivated him to keep shooting and break out of his slump:

My teammates told me to keep shooting them. My coaching staff told me to keep shooting them. My mom told me to keep shooting them (laughs).

Scoop Jardine, on the feeling inside the locker room after the game:

"We’re not pleased with ourselves. We can be better. We can rebound better. We’re not making shots. But I know one thing: We’re all happy with the win. We got a big win against a tough Georgetown team and Coach broke a record. So, he’s happy . . . for the most part."

Dion Waiters on the battle to make Boeheim happy:

"I don’t know what we gotta do to make Coach happy, but we’re satisfied with the win. That’s Coach, man. We got a great win tonight. It was a battle."

C.J. Fair on the rebounding issues:

I don't know how to pinpoint it. Sometimes we were just out of position looking for shooters. Depending on how you they go off rebounds, you might be going against 2-3 guys. It is a zone. There can be a lot of people in the area. For me if I'm not rebounding, he (Boeheim) will take me out to make sure I'm rebounding."

Brandon Triche on why he didn't play at the end of the game:

"I have no clue, honestly. I'm disappointed. But whatever it takes to win. Coach has been doing it a long time. 880 wins. He obviously knows what he is doing. And we got a win."

Jim Boeheim, summing up Scoop Jardine:

"He’s really the only point guard that gets us into plays and gets us into sets and makes plays. He’s going to make a bad play every once in a while, but he makes good plays. You need that. We need him doing that.’’

Fab Melo, on how watching tape on Rick Jackson has helped him:

"I watched Rick’s films the whole year. I got his videos when I went to China. He’s great at getting into position. He knows where he has to be in zone. That’s how I learned how to play."

Melo on the Brazilian flag that some fans brought to the game:

"I saw that. That’s very nice."