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NFL Combine: Chandler Jones, Nick Provo, Phillip Thomas & Andrew Tiller Invited

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The NFL Combine will be held Feb. 22-28 in Indianapolis and four Syracuse Orange football players will be on hand to try and improve their draft status.

Defensive end Chandler Jones, tight end Nick Provo, free safety Phillip Thomas and Andrew Tiller (offensive guard) will be in Indianapolis trying to improve their draft stock.

What, has Paul Harris been cut already?

Jones is obviously the big draw, though the other three can certainly make an impression of their own. Remember last year this is where Ryan Bartholomew and Doug Hogue emerged from the shadows of Delone Carter en route to their NFL careers.

Unfortunately, Dorian Graham and Antwon Bailey, amongst others, didn't make the list. They'll have to rely on things like SU Pro Day in order to get in front of the scouts.

Bailey's agent says he will be there and be ready.

"He's a great kid. And he's a talented player, too," he said of Bailey. "It doesn't matter how you get there, just what you do once you get there."