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Big East Expansion: Memphis? Sure, Why Not

In my Mookie Jones' mind, there is already Big East conference that includes the Syracuse Orange and Memphis Tigers. Of course, in my vision the Tigers were added preemptively a decade ago along with other Eastern schools on the rise, but that's why I'm not the commissioner of the Big East.

The Memphis Tigers and the Big East are reportedly in "the final stages of negotiations" to add the Tigers in all sports starting in 2013. The move would complete the conference's need for 12 teams when the dust clears in 2014 and Syracuse, West Virginia and Pittsburgh are officially gone, if not sooner.

The good news for the Big East is that Memphis is a respectable basketball program. They're not what they were under John Calipari but they're a helluva lot better than Houston, SMU and UCF.

The bad news for the Big East is that Memphis might just be the worst football program in the FBS. Five wins in the past three seasons (2-10, 1-11, 2-10).

Like I've said a million times, the Big East should just decide if its a football-first conference or a basketball-first conference and proceed as such. When you add a school like Memphis on the heels of adding Boise State, you're just confirming that you're just throwing darts blindly and praying to God a couple stick.

To which you reply, "But they wouldn't have to if Syracuse, Pitt and West Virginia weren't traitors."

To which I reply, "If the Big East actually had any foresight at some point in the past 20 years, we'd still be here to welcome Memphis (and UCF and whoever else) into the fold."