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Syracuse Defeats St. Johns: Dion Waiters Retweetathon Recaptacular


I know we've got the T.W.I.T.S. segment every week but I couldn't help myself, I had to do a bit a recap of the best retweet requests that Dion Waiters received (and retweeted) following Syracuse's win over St. John's on Saturday.

We start with what's become a new craze, the "Seriously, I will have sex with you right now if you tell me where you are" tweet.





That last one is my favorite cause I like to imagine what it would sound like if it were an actual conversation.

Woman: I want to get my hands on you so bad, you sexy player you.

Dion: Hahaha, thanks. /walksawaywhistling

Some really great passive-aggressive retweet requests today as well.



Here's one that isn't quite passive-aggressive, though it is disconcerting considering the many other things Scotty could have accomplished while sending those 100 tweets.


Tell Dion that he plays like Dwayne Wade and he'll retweet you. Tell him that you think God Almighty is allowing him to play like Dwayne Wade and,'ll still get a retweet. So, not much different, I guess.


I see what you did their.


There's nothing wrong with this one, really. I just like how matter of fact it is. She saw him today. End of story.


And finally, the piece de resistence, Dion taking a St. John's fan to school.


The lesson is, even when you're a jerk to Dion, he'll still retweet you...