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Syracuse Basketball In ACC: Orange, Eagles Buddy Up

It wasn't just about football with today's ACC announcement. The Syracuse Orange and Pittsburgh Panthers also found out what awaits them in the world of ACC basketball when they get there...eventually.

As previously announced, the ACC will play an 18-game conference schedule beginning in 2012-13.

When Pitt and Syracuse join, each school will have one primary partner (Boston College and Syracuse; Clemson and Georgia Tech; Duke and North Carolina; Florida State and Miami; Maryland and Pitt; NC State and Wake Forest; Virginia and Virginia Tech).

The scheduling model will be based on a three-year cycle during which teams will play every league opponent at least once with the primary partners playing home and away annually while the other 12 rotate in groups of four: one year both home and away; one year at home only; and one year away only. Over the course of the three-year cycle primary partners play a total of six times and all other conference opponents play four times.

The format allows each program to see opponents with more regularity and creates an increase in competitive balance throughout the teams. It was determined that all 14 league members will continue to compete in the ACC Men's and Women's Tournaments and a decision on the Tournament formats will be announced at a later date.

Syracuse and Boston College, locked at the it probably should be. As for the rest of the scheduling, it's not that much different than we've got it now. We'll see the likes of Duke and North Carolina four times every three years, which is about as often as we see most Big East teams these days. Our schedule with Pitt doesn't even change.

Nothing shocking but just good to see it all on paper. As long as we get to keep playing and beating Colgate by 40 every year, I'm happy.