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As The Big East Turns: Temple Is All Like 'Chill, Bros'

Pictured: Father of Syracuse football player Lou Addazio. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Pictured: Father of Syracuse football player Lou Addazio. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The expected meeting today by the Temple Owls Board of Trustees athletics committee was cancelled today, delaying their move to the Big East and scaring the pants off of those Big East schools with two open spots on their 2012 football schedule (Syracuse, Pitt, Cincy).

The school has considerable contract issues to sort through before Temple can leave the Mid-American Conference for football and the Atlantic 10 for all other sports to possibly re-join the Big East after being booted from the league in 2004.

Assistant Vice President of University Communications Ray Betzner said there was no stated reason for cancelling the Athletics Committee meeting and said the school does not expect an announcement or movement of any kind today, according to the Temple News blog.

The school has a lot of issues to work out, namely their exit fees from both the MAC (football) and A-10 (basketball).

Since Boise State has already said they're staying in the MWC in 2012, the Owls seem to be the conference's only hope of filling that spot in the schedule this football season.

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Meanwhile, writer Phil Sheridan thinks Temple should use this delay as an opportunity to walk away from the deal and say no to the Big East. His thinking is part reality-check (the Big East only wants you cause it's desperate and isn't half the conference it once was) and part spite since this is the same conference that kicked the Owls to the curb almost a decade ago.

Whether Marinatto is to blame or he's a scapegoat for failures of the university presidents is academic as far as Temple is concerned. Either way, it is reasonable to wonder if this group is capable of regaining the prestige the Big East once had. It is not a good sign when, through a mix of bad luck and poor foresight, the Big East found itself in dire need of an eighth member for the 2012 football season.

Or as Dana O'Neil would call it, "Syracuse and Pitt's fault."

He's right about one thing...Temple has the power here. If I were them I'd make the Big East cover all their exit fees and anything else that has to do with changing conferences. Besides, Marinatto's got $20M of West Virginia's money burning a hole in his pocket.