The Guard Blind Taste Test

Inspired by the the Scoop Jardine backlash, the backlash to the Scoop Jardine backlash, and what now appears to be the second coming of anti-Scoop sentiments, I set out to come up with a blind taste test for our four SU guards. In order to somewhat confuse the issue, I threw in some other guards from around the Big East.

I chose this selection of stats, all offensive, to give an idea of who's a shoot first, and who's a pass first guard. I equalized everyone out by using established ratios or Per 40s. I chose the two guards that accrue the most minutes on three teams that have at least one good guard. Not terribly scientific



(Updated with EFG and 3FGA/FGA... also added three guards that are obviously not Syracuse guards)

Can you spot the SU Guards? if you had to pick two guards out of that lineup for your team, who would you pick?

The vaunted SU depth really shows here. Our top guard by minutes (Scoop) comes in a distant sixth on this list by minutes played. MCW, of course, is a distant last.


And here now, the identities:

  • A - Dion Waiters (Syracuse)
  • B - Junior Cadougan (Marquette)
  • C - Michael Carter-Williams
  • D - Markel Starks (Georgetown)
  • E - Brandon Triche (Syracuse)
  • F - Chris Smith (Louisville)
  • G - Peyton Siva (Louisville)
  • H - Scoop Jardine (Syracuse)
  • I - Darius Johnson-Odom (Marquette)
  • J - Jason Clark (Georgetown)
  • K - Jordan Theodore (Seton Hall)
  • L - Jeremy Lamb (UConn)
  • M - Shabazz Napier (UConn)