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T.W.I.T.S. - This Week In Twitter: Syracuse


Dion Waiters Retweet of the Week:

I thought these Waiters retweets had pretty much capped out but they keep getting more and more ridiculous. It's only a matter of time before someone gets impregnated via retweet.

Alumni Tweet of the Week:

Looks like Andy's enjoying his time in Spain, I mean what's not to love: Spain, beaches, and cougars.

Walk-On Tweets of the Week:

Unfortunately 'Cuse has been liking to take their opponents down to the wire so the walk ons haven't had much playing time as of late ... that doesn't mean they don't have time to tweet.

Looks like Rak's trying to get the followers anyway he can ... even if he's passed out on his stomach.

Considering Jim Boehiem admits that he "doesn't even have a computer" I'm gonna go ahead and say this guy isn't him.

I leave you with Albert Nassar veering into rough territory:

My Linstincts are telling me to not even touch that one.