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Syracuse Basketball: White-Outs Are The New Homecoming

Two years ago, the Syracuse Orange football team was scheduled as a Homecoming opponent three times. They won all three of those games, ruining what was supposed to be a fun weekend for our opponents.

This year, the Syracuse Orange basketball team has visited an opponent twice when the opposing crowd decided to "White-Out" and wear white as a sign of solidarity against the orange menace.

I wonder how those turned out...


Syracuse 60, Cincinnati 53


Syracuse 52, Louisville 51.

Sunday, the Connecticut Huskies will attempt a White-Outt in Gampel Pavillion when they host the Orange for ESPN Gameday. It will look all pretty, be sparkly white and full of doofy caucasians, like a really fancy Ku Klux Klan rally.

You'd think they'd have learned by now. Try a Blue-Out or a Red-Out. Just not a White-Out. It's a classic blunder. Never do a White-Out when your post-season is on the line and the Syracuse Orange are visiting.