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Syracuse Basketball: Big East Records, They Are A-Crumblin'

I'll preface this post by noting the jinx, recognizing it and thereby triple-reversing it. Done.

The Syracuse Orange have been assured at least a split of the 2012 Big East regular season crown. Huzzah and kudos. Win one more and it's theirs outright.

At 28-1 and 15-1, the Orange are on track for a pretty special finish. Win just one more game and it will be the most any one Syracuse team has ever won in a regular season. It will also tie the 2009 Louisville team for the most Big East wins in a single-season. Win both remaining games and they have the most wins any Big East team has ever earned in a regular season.

Not to mention that 28 wins ties the school record for wins in a regular season. Win one more and they own it outright.

To put it in perspective, here are the best Big East regular seasons in the history of Syracuse basketball, either because of record or by winning the conference.

1980: 5-1 (Co-champs)

1986: 14-2 (2nd place)

1987: 12-4 (Co-champs)

1990: 12-4 (Co-champs)

1991: 12-4 (Champs)

2000: 13-3 (Co-champs)

2003: 13-3 (Co-champs)

2010: 15-3 (Champs)

Of course, this is all window dressing for the stuff that really matters. But if you ever need to remind yourself how special this year has been, there you go.