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NFL Combine: Four Syracuse Players About To Dance With Orange Cones

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The 2012 NFL Combine is officially underway today and four Syracuse Orange football players will be on hand over the course of the next four days as they attempt to do everything they can to stand out and get noticed.

Offensive lineman Andrew Tiller, defensive end Chandler Jones, tight end Nick Provo and free safety Phillip Thomas are the four former Orange players in Indy this weekend. Tiller and Provo get started today while Jones begins Friday and Thomas on Saturday.

Kickers, punters, offensive lineman and tight ends will spend the day registering for the Combine, receiving their hospital pre-exam and X-rays, undergoing orientation and participating in interviews. Tomorrow, they'll begin running their drills.

Tiller represents the biggest unknown of the four and he'll have to try and live up to Ryan Bartholomew's monster lifting performance last year.

Provo is coming off shoulder surgery in December and has a lot to prove.

"Of course I want to do well on the interviews and everything else," said Provo, whose record-setting season at SU could make him a late-round choice. "But the 40 (yard dash) is probably the most important thing. You hear of guys jumping rounds because of their 40 time."

Thomas says his goal is to try and run a 4.4 40. Also, we might finally learn what, exactly, he was suspended from the team for. He can't plead the fifth when it comes to NFL scouts.

Right now the smart money is on Jones being a 2nd-3rd round pick. However, depending on how he does in the combine, he has first-round potential.

SB Nation is going to be posting news about the combine the entire time and be sure to check in with Mocking The Draft for NFL Draft updates.