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Only Thing Better Than Kentucky Recruiting Rumors Are The Conspiracy Theories

They're not big fans of Pete Thamel down in Kentucky Wildcats country. The New York Times writer is one of the most notable reporters out there at identifying recruiting violations (see Binghamton, UCF, Tennessee and Kentucky), which is enough to rile any college fanbase. However, considering we're talking about a program led by two-time Final Four vacater Coach Cal, they're all the touchier about it. Throw Thamel into the mix and they go code red.

Such is the case...again.

Now obviously, the Syracuse Orange are indelibly linked to this if true. Not only are the Orange and Wildcats currently considered the top two teams in the nation, but they're also considered the top two choices for Nerlens Noel to play ball with next season (Noel talks about the differences between the two programs here).

Oh, and then there's the fact that Thamel is a Syracuse grad. And all of a sudden, that's where things go to Ludicrous Speed.


In closing, Pete Thamel is being used by Syracuse University as an agent to find out Kentucky's recruiting tactics and, with the help of Rick Pitino, head coach of one of Syracuse's biggest recruiting rivals, he is shifting recruits away from Coach Cal and into the slimy hands of Coach Boeheim.

Does that make sense? Or does that make ALL THE SENSE?

As for what, exactly is being investigated? Dunno. Not hard to make a few guesses and apparently there are a lot of rumors out there, especially about Shabazz. Jeff Goodman threw a few nuggets out there but didn't go into detail. If there's something here, I don't think it will be a surprise to many. If not, may the best school win their services (LEGALLY, Cal. LEGALLY).

H/T: fatmofo55