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Fab Melo Will Play Against St. John's, Officially-Speaking

With the cat out of the bag, Syracuse University released a statement Thursday letting everyone know that Fabricio Melo's days as a cream-sweater-wearing bench jockey are over.

The Athletics Department's Communications Office is releasing the following information regarding the men's basketball team:

Sophomore Fab Melo will return to the Syracuse University men's basketball playing roster beginning this Saturday on the road against St. John's in Madison Square Garden.

Given University policy and federal student privacy laws, we are not able to provide any other details about this matter.

We can still argue over what the academic issue was but, so long as it never shows up again, who cares? It's over. Let's just be happy he's back.

And not a minute too soon. The Johnnies might not look tough but they obliterated that West Virginia team we barely beat by two and they're playing for Madison Square Garden pride. Melo will need to bring the sexy back to Syracuse's defense and rebounding efforts, not to mention all the other little things he influences that add up.