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Jim Boeheim: Jeremy Lin & Carmelo Anthony Can Co-Exist

According to Sports Blogger Bylaw JL1.NYK, I am required to post at least one Jeremy Lin-related story this month. And so, I will do so now that he has officially intersected with the Syracuse Orange.

Carmelo Anthony is about to return to the New York Knicks for the first time since Linsanity took hold. The question is whether or not Anthony, who is known to require a certain number of looks and shots each game, will be able to co-exist with Lin and the new-look Knicks.

Jim Boeheim scoffs at you for even wondering such a thing (via SBN NY):

"I see a seamless transition," said Boeheim.

"For somebody to assert that Carmelo Anthony can't play with somebody is the most ridiculous thing that I've ever heard," commented Boeheim who coached Anthony and won a National Championship with him at Syracuse in 2002-03 and a few summers ago on the gold-medal winning USA Olympic men's basketball. "I've heard a few now, but of all the statements I've ever heard that's the most ridiculous.

"He won a national championship, he had 10 points in a game on the way to the Final Four and was one of the happest guys in the locker room after the game. He's won a gold medal in the Olympics when he was playing with Kobe (Bryant), Lebron (James) and all those guys and he fit in like a glove. So, I don't see any question that when Carmelo comes back he will help the Knicks get better."

One of those two guys has their name on a building in Syracuse. What did you expect him to say?

Thus concludes my legally-required Jeremy Lin-related post. Carry on.