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Syracuse Football: Marcus Sales Sighting, Highlight Reels A-Plenty

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There's a bunch of loose ends floating around the Interspace related to Syracuse Orange football and it's high time we sort it out.

First of all, this photo of Syracuse football players doing community service at Veteran Affairs yesterday is notable for two reasons (via Chris McKenzie).


1. I'm not sure if they're having a good time or THE GOODEST TIME.

2. The 2nd guy from the left is Marcus Sales (at least I'm 95% sure that's him). Wearing a Syracuse shirt. With other Syracuse football players. In an official Syracuse Athletics capacity. Guess he's back?

Did you know that Deon Goggins has his own 2012 Season Preview video on YouTube that includes explosions? You do now...

Watching that I realize Deon is the king of the "grab and throw" tackle technique. Also, we should all be yelling "Toot Toot!" every time he does that post-tackle move.

AND there's a #SHAMARKO highlight reel that fades into black for a good three minutes...

Meanwhile, remember Rob Spence? Doug Marrone's crazy-eyed initial offense coordinator lasted one season and was replaced by the end of it by Marrone himself. Well, he's back...sorta. He's the new Rutgers quarterbacks coach.