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Syracuse vs. UConn: Over 32,000 Expected To 'Welcome' Huskies

The Connecticut Huskies are having a rough week. Their Hall of Fame coach is ailing. They got blown the F out on Monday by Louisville. Their program is under fire for being full of dummies. And now they have to play a basketball game in front of over 32,000 screaming lunatics in orange.

More than 32,000 tickets have been sold for Saturday’s game at the Carrier Dome, when the Syracuse Orange will take on the UConn Huskies.

It will be the first game of the season break the 30,000 attendance mark. The biggest crowd at home for the Orange so far this season was 28,740 on January 28, when Syracuse played West Virginia.

As you're well aware, the record is 34,616 and it looks like it should remain intact, but just barely. This will be the 69th time attendance has crossed the 30K mark in the Dome.

Stay hydrated, people. It's gonna be sweaty in there.