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Syracuse vs. St. John's: Fab Melo Will Play, Hide Your Wolves

Well, I guess Fab Melo was right. Fab Melo will play when the Syracuse Orange take on the St. John's Red Storm this Saturday at Madison Square Garden.

Mike Waters is reporting that two independent sources have told him that Fab will play and both sources said an official announcement will be made on Thursday.

Melo has missed three consecutive games due to what has been widely-reported as academic issues. The Orange are 2-1 in that time but have looked much shakier with his absence. Rebounding and defense in the paint has suffered and the effect has rippled into other areas including scoring, transition and depth.

Meanwhile, Fab has used his time off to cultivate what is now the best Syracuse player Twitterfeed, point blank period. He's also premiered what is hopefully the last of his Winter cream sweater collection.

And so, Syracuse fans breathe a heavy sigh of relief. As recently as today, rumors that Melo was done and leaving the program persisted. I'll always remember the one about how Melo was already back in Brazil as my favorite. We had good time, #FabMeloRumors.

Now it's time to #FabMeloFacts.