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National Signing Day, Syracuse Recruiting: Ashton Broyld to Flash his Talent this Spring

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Quarterback/Athlete Ashton Broyld was originally a member of Syracuse's 2011 class, but after some academic issues, he spent the last season at Milford Academy getting everything in order. He's currently enrolled at Syracuse and will be ready to compete for a job this spring.

Broyld is a quarterback, but his potential translates to a number of positions should it not work out for him under center. Broyld has the rare combination of size, strength, and speed to play at any number of spots including tight end, linebacker, safety, or defensive end. His athleticism presents a number of options for the Syracuse coaching staff.

Stat Me: At Milford this year Ashton was 31-56 passing for 427 yards, six TDs and one interception (and a two point conversion). He also rushed 39 times for 359 yards and six TDs as well as two two-point conversions.

Rivals says...three stars for Mr. Broyld.

Scout says...four (!) stars. Remember, stars are the most important thing of all time. Without them, we don't know which way is north.

ESPN says...three stars. ESPN and Rivals are bros, obviously.

Who's Crying?: Akron (duh), Louisville, Rutgers and Eastern Michigan, although many others had heavy interest.

Money Quote: "What I love the most is their commitment to you as a person and not just a football player. I’ll bring them leadership and hard work. I will fit this program. I will."

Which SU Coach Gets a Bonus?: Bob Casullo of all people was heading up Broyld's recruitment before he was let go from the staff.

Fun Fact: Ashton was New York Player of the Year at Rush-Henrietta in Rochester. Not bad, not bad at all.

Twitter Handle: @jerk12310 (unverified, since he has no tweets and little activity).

Is he a boss?: Apparently...

Ashton Broyld Senior Football Highlight Tape (via scissum2013)

Most importantly, does he have a rap song written about him?: Is that even a question?

Ashton Broyld Song- Quan "Da Great" (via QuanDaGreat)