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The Ten Best Syracuse-Themed Gifts In The 315 Collection

The fine folks at The 315 Collection have asked me to peruse their wares and find the very best of the best items for your appreciation. I chose wisely, if I do say so myself...

The 315 Collection

The fine folks at The 315 Collection have asked me to peruse their wares and find the very best of the best items for your appreciation. If you're not familiar, 100% of the net profit from all 315 Collection sales is donated to an endowed scholarship at Syracuse University. While they don't sell licensed SU apparel, everything they sell is orange for the Orange. If you're looking for accessories or jewelry for holiday gifts or for yourself, check out The 315 Collection.


Also, make note that any purchase over $44 will earn you a $10 gift certificate good for future purchase online or in-person at one of their events.

And so, let's take a look at the collection for the ten best items that you might want to purchase this holiday season (none of which costs more than $26!)...

Syracuse-Themed Tie

Everyone loves ties, right? Well, guess what, you're probably required to wear one at least once in a while, so it doesn't much matter if you like it or not. Sucker.

There's the classic orange & blue design, or as I like to call it, The Recent Graduate. However, call me crazy, but the orange & white is actually pretty sharp. Plus, it's silk. The ladies will love it. In honor of the Pinstripe Bowl you can always get the pinstripe version.

Round Chrono Geneva Watch

Word on the street is that they only have one of these left but its in the reverse color (blue band, orange face). Dare I say I like the sound of that more than the pictures one? It's the perfect accessory for anyone at a November basketball game in the Carrier Dome who's wondering, "Is it Taco Time yet?"


Orange Peace Scarf

As I've said before, my wife hates orange. BUT, if she loved orange, she'd want this scarf for sure. If I were married to a die-hard Syracuse grad wife who lived with me in Seattle, she would have seven of these.

Orange Messenger Bag

As the proud new owner of a MacBook, I know the care and faith one puts into protecting their precious asset. This messenger bag not only protects the most precious of precious cargo ("The Bloggymaker") but also shows your support for Syracuse AND looks rather stylish, not that I'm the editor of Vogue or anything. Yet.

Orange Basketball Stretchable Ring

Ladies, you want to support the Orange and look good at events and games. This ring is a nice subtle touch to tell everyone, "Yeah I'm stliyn' but it doesn't mean I'm not excited to see Trevor Cooney break out this slump and hit a couple threes." I assume that's how most stylish Syracuse fans think.

Crystal Cell Phone Charm

Here's the problem with one knows who you root for simply by looking at it. Here's how you fix that. Then, when people see your phone, they'll say, "Nice phone but I wonder which root for Syracuse! You're an awesome person and you are very pretty/handsome."

Basketball Necklace of Champions

Great necklace for two reasons. No.1, I it's subtle but still gets the fandom across. No. 2, when someone asks, you can tell them, "I'm wearing the necklace of champions!" and then throw both hands in the air. And if the ring isn't enough for you, go whole hog with these rhinestone basketball crystal studs.


Football Necklace of Champions

See above.

Hyacinth Crystal Studs

I like my earrings how I like my coffee. Black. Actually, I take that back, I like my earrings simple. So I'll always be drawn to something like this over some big ol' jangly mess. Leave the Otto hoops at home.

Orange & Blue Feather Barrette

Just about anything accessory that you put in your hair is a good thing. I remain convinced of this and this feather barrette does nothing to assuage me of that.

Happy shopping, Cuse fans...