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Pinstripe Bowl: Geno Smith Has Score To Settle With Syracuse

Third time the charm for Geno Smith to beat Syracuse as West Virginia's starting QB? He sure seems to hope so.

Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

West Virginia Mountaineers QB Geno Smith has accomplished a lot during his time at the helm of the team. He's broken records, won big games and been considered a Heisman contender.

One thing he hasn't done as a starter? Beat the Syracuse Orange.

Noted West Virginia fan God McGoderson has decided to give Geno one more chance...

"As a competitor, I'm eager. I feel like it's almost God's funny way for putting things together," Smith said. "Now, I get a chance to get a shot at a team that beat me twice in my career."

Smith also notes that West Virginia may not have thought they wanted to play Syracuse but, subconsciously, like Luke deciding to walk right up to Darth Vader in Return Of The Jedi, they knew they would always end up here.

"I didn't care really who we were going to play, I just think it's kind of ironic we get a chance to play those guys," Smith said. "Deep down, I know I wanted to play them again."

Your wish has been granted, Geno. Let's hope this plays out like an O. Henry story...