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Syracuse Makes Final List For Dakari Johnson, Ebenezer Ogundeko

Syracuse basketball and football are both on the final list to two major recruits, coveted big man Dakari Johnson and four-star DE Ebenezer Ogundeko.

Nate Shron

When did this turn into a such a recruiting day?

The Syracuse Orange basketball program is used to being in the hunt for major recruits and they're coming down to the wire on another one...Dakari Johnson.

The 6'11" big man (duh) recently reclassified from 2014 to 2013 and has now named his final three. Tell me if they sound familiar:

The 6-foot-11 Johnson — who recently reclassified to 2013 from 2014 — is down to Kentucky, Syracuse and Georgetown, according to Tweets from Dave Telep and Evan Daniels, who spoke with Johnson at the City of Palms Classic.

Considering lessons past, let's all try to keep a level head about the kid. That should be easier since his head doesn't have a crazy hairdo on it.

Adrian Autry has been recruiting Dakari so long, he started when he was at Virginia Tech and Johnson was in middle school. So...that should count for something.

And then there's Syracuse Football, where the smart money has been on four-star DE Ebenezer Ogundeko ending up elsewhere when he makes his final selection. You might remember Nezer originally saying he wanted to buddy-up with good friend Augustus Edwards. When Edwards chose SU, we thought he might follow. Alas, Clemson swooped in and all of a sudden, we figured he was gone. As recently as a few weeks ago, Ogundeko had a final two and Syracuse wasn't on it. It was assumed his recent visit to campus with Edwards and Laray Smith was a formality.

Apparently not.

Kudos to Doug Marrone and his coaching staff for not giving up on the NY star, despite the odds. It might just pay off in a big way.

Kudos also to Zach Allen, who's first order of business after committing to Syracuse was reaching out to Ebo.

While Ryan's tweet says Jan. 4, some say Ogundeko could make his announcement before the year is out. Stay tuned...