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Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse vs. West Virginia: Special Ticket Deal For TNIAAMers

Thanks to TexanMark over at, we've got access to a Pinstripe Bowl promo code that will allow you to purchase tickets and sit amongst fellow TNIAAM and nerds, swapping stories about rec'd comments and memorable FanPosts while the Syracuse Orange beat up on the West Virginia Mountaineers.


Below are the links and promo code for the Pinstripe Bowl offer. The section will be somewhere between 235-239 at $50 per ticket and 227A-234 at $95 per ticket. Please note there is a $5 per ticket fee (included in ticket price) and a $7 order fee for each transaction. The only tickets that have access to an indoor club are the ones in 221b or 222 and are $120 each (not as good location) When you purchase through this offer, it will say that you are in a GA area but please disregard that as you'll be assigned tickets at a later date in the section/price level you choose.

This offer will be valid until Sunday December 9th. All tickets will then be mailed the following week.

Click on either link

a. $95 Tickets:

b. $50 Tickets:

1. Click on "Find Tickets" to the 2012 Pinstripe Bowl

2. Type in Special Offer Code: SUFANS12 (no spaces)

3. Create a NEW ACCOUNT (if you do not have an account already)

4. Follow Steps to Purchase and Checkout