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Report: Syracuse Will Play West Virginia In Pinstripe Bowl

Somebody get the Schwartzwalder Trophy all glossy and shiny, she's gonna be on the line one more time.

According to multiple reports, including Brett McMurphy and Patrick Southern, the West Virginia Mountaineers will play the Syracuse Orange in the Pinstripe Bowl.

And so, Syracuse and West Virginia's streak of playing one another every season since 1955 improbably continues. The Orange hold a 32-27 advantage and have won two-straight following an eight-game winning streak by the 'Eers.

The sentiment among West Virginia fans seems to be initial disappointment. They wanted the chance to play Pitt in the Backyard Brawl that never materialized (because, I thought, they didn't want to play that game in the regular-season anymore. Weirdos). There's also a bunch of comments about how this match-up won't have TV or national appeal, which seems like a fanbase getting a bit ahead of itself considering they haven't beaten Syracuse since 2009.

As far as we're concerned, all I know is I really want to win this game. Maybe Oklahoma State or Texas Tech would have been a fresh opponent but in this version, we actually get a bowl game with an unhealthy hatred for the other school. Fun!