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Syracuse Daily Links - McCullough Talks SU, More Boeheim Chatter

"Every time I talk about the second best everybody gets mad at me. When I about the best nobody argues. Dave Bing. If I go Carmelo Anthony then Derrick Coleman calls the next day. "


Chris McCullough Talks Potential Reclassification |

Recently, I committed to Syracuse University. The reason why I chose Syracuse was because I was just getting the most love from them. I took multiple visits to the campus and every time I stepped foot on campus, the team, students and fans were showing me love. I also built a good relationship with all the coaches.

Jim Boeheim Explains Why He Used the Platform He Did to Speak Out on Gun Control

"Every time I talk about the second best everybody gets mad at me. When I about the best nobody argues. Dave Bing. If I go Carmelo Anthony then Derrick Coleman calls the next day. We have been blessed. So many really, really great players and certainly Derrick Coleman stayed four years and he’s got every record but Carmelo in one year accomplished a National Championship which is hard to do. I’ve had great players which is why I’m still coaching. You have to have great players and great coaches working with you. That’s how it gets done."

900 and Counting: Boeheim’s wins add up to a great career (so far) |

Without pretense and with utmost devotion, Boeheim has delivered a winning brand of basketball to Central New York for the past 37 years.

Some things that there are not 900 of - Cuse Country

Points scored by Marius Janulis in his SU career (889).

Big East: UConn's Geno Auriemma Speaks Out Against Schools Leaving Big East -

"I hope they all leave tomorrow," Auriemma said. "But they can't, because we have to play out the [2012-13] schedule. "But as soon as it's over, let them go and do what they need to do, just like Syracuse, Pittsburgh and West Virginia did. West Virginia did it the right way. They said they didn't want to be in the Big East any more and said, 'See you later, I'm out of here.' "I hope they all take that approach."

Syracuse football team will be in good hands at center next season with return of MacPherson |

Even then head coach Doug Marrone raved about player’s technical ability as a blocker, his quick feet and his agile mind. MacPherson paid his dues as a sophomore and bulked up into one of the strongest players on the team, at least from the waist down, entering this season. He will enter the bowl game with 24 consecutive starts and a reputation for being the leader of a line that has allowed only 14 sacks while laying the foundation for the offense’s record-setting production of 473.4 yards per game. Having his leadership and ability back in 2013 should help ease the transition of a new starting quarterback.

JuCo Junction: Syracuse Adding Slew of Players to Compete in ACC ASAP : Orange Fizz

This has been a trend for Marrone. Over HCDM’s last three recruiting classes, he’s brought in 8 JuCos. One in 2011 (Sriki Diabate), two in 2012 (Jones, Markus Pierce-Brewster) and so far these five verbals this year. Diabate and MPB were starters this past fall, and Jones was regularly featured in the rotation. That’s a pretty good history. They will play. It’s just a matter of time, and how well they can adjust during spring practices and summer workouts. It took California JuCo Deon Goggins a couple seasons to adapt. Pierce-Brewster played right away. Sooner or later, they make impacts.

Duke stays on top, but not without shake-ups in Power Rankings top five - Luke Winn -

Forgive me for loving a Goodman line, but his linking of Mark Lyons' point-guard mentality to Russell Westbrook's was spot-on. Lyons is a point guard whose value lies in creating his own offense. As you can see in this matrix of the floor generals from my top eight teams, Lyons' profile is unique. He has a very low ratio of assists/FGA, and uses a bigger chunk of possessions than anyone other than Syracuse's Michael Carter-Williams (who's an outlier in his own right) and Michigan's Trey Burke

FizzCast: JuCo Offensive Lineman John Miller Says Dinosaur, ACC Sold Him : Orange Fizz

"It was nice. It wasn’t too cold. It wasn’t snowing or anything. They took us on a tour of the business school. We got to tour through all the football facilities, to see the practice field and the Carrier Dome. They took us out to a nice restaurant, Dinosaur BBQ. It was top-notch and there were no complaints."

Jim Boeheim perpetuates discussion on gun control, mental illness and social change - SB Nation New York

Agree or disagree with Boeheim, Calhoun, Wright or Kelsey, the fact is New York Giants star wide receiver Victor Cruz needed to visit the home of the deceased 6-year-old Jack Pinto on Tuesday. Pinto, who was buried in a replica Cruz jersey just days ago, was one of 20 children killed in the Newtown school shooting last Friday - Dec. 14, 2012.

ML says the Big East wins over the years are the most impressive inside 900