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If Syracuse Wins, ESPN Classic Planning Jim Boeheim Tribute

If the Syracuse Orange defeat the Detroit Titans tonight, Jim Boeheim will have won his 900th all-time game. And if that's the case, ESPN Classic is ready to honor the coaching legend by showcasing some of his greatest hits with the Orange all day Tuesday.

The December 18th schedule, which will only happen if Syracuse wins, includes...

12a-2a SU vs. Detroit (900th)
2a-6a SU vs. UConn 2009 BET
7a-9a SU vs. West Virginia 2009 BET
9a-11a SU vs Providence (700th)
11a-1p SU vs. Detroit (900th)
1p-3p SU vs Cincy - 2006 BET
3p-5p SU vs UConn - 2006 BET
5p-7p SU vs Pitt - 2006 BET
7p-9p SU vs Detroit (900th)

You don't need more reasons to root for the Orange tonight but just know that if they win, you've got a whole day of Syracuse basketball to look forward to tomorrow. And really, any excuse to watch Six Overtimes again is a good one.