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Syracuse Daily Links - Who Will The 13th 2013 Football Opponent Be?

Syracuse still needs to fill the open spot on the 2013 football schedule but it might not be a FCS opponent.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse football brain-trust is still searching for another opponent to fill out the 2013 schedule |

The Orange already has non-conference dates set with Penn State (Aug. 31 at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands), at Northwestern and vs. Tulane in the Carrier Dome. That leaves one opening on the schedule. Syracuse has filled that date in recent years with an FCS team (Stony Brook this season), a practice employed routinely by FBS schools. However, Frazier said he is not certain that will be the case next season, only that he has to sit down with athletic director Daryl Gross and coach Doug Marrone and hash out the options.

Syracuse football team following the Pinstripe Bowl: The shape of things to come |

Several of those practices will be conducted with an eye to the future, as the coaching staff starts to take a serious look at the candidates to replace departing seniors. Over the next several days I will examine at the team position by position and predict how it breaks down. Today: quarterback.

Red on Roundball: Syracuse assistant Adrian Autry talks about playing and working for Jim Boeheim |

In the latest edition of Red on Roundball, Autry discusses what it was like to play for Boeheim and what it's like to work for him now.

Why is Syracuse blowing out its non-conference opponents? | The Juice Online

Here are some more numbers: 31, 20, 36, 36, 31, 52. No, those are not the numbers of my losing Powerball ticket. Those would be the margins of victory in six of Syracuse’s eight contests thus far. What gives?

Fewer than 1,000 Pinstripe Bowl tickets remain for sale | The Daily Orange

Currently, the only tickets available are in the $130 and $215 price ranges, he said, but the university is working to secure more tickets at al price ranges.

Conference realignment: St. John's, Seton Hall will leave Big East - SB Nation New York

The New York Post has sources claiming that the seven departing schools will look to join forces with some of the Atlantic 10, but does not know if they would look to form a 21-team conference by joining the current 14 teams, or break up the current Atlantic 10 group. Most speculation would suggest that this group could probably get a very similar television deal to the one currently being talked about by the Big East.

Big East basketball breakup: How should a Syracuse fan feel about this? |

Now that the reality of it is on the doorstep, how is a Syracuse fan supposed to feel about this as it all goes down?

Mark Titus Top 12 NCAA Power Rankings, featuring the Mason Plumlee effect, championship-caliber 3-point celebrations, and more - Grantland

As the clock neared midnight and we walked back to the hotel, we spotted a group of Syracuse players (some of whom were starters) out on the town. What they were up to I don't know, but I do know that there are very few college basketball coaches who would be cool with their starters walking around Times Square at midnight the night before a game. If Boeheim lets this slide with his scholarship players, you can only assume how little he cares what his walk-ons do. Translation: road trips = vacations.

Big East bowl picks and more - Big East Blog - ESPN

Mark says: Syracuse 52, West Virginia 49

Tulane booster: It's not our fault Big East basketball schools leaving -

"We got an invitation, we thought it was a good one and we took it." Munn said. "I can understand the frustration, but they should be angry at the founding members of the Big East who left. They were being carried by these big schools with big followings." Munn is referring to defections of Pitt, Syracuse, Boston College and Louisville in recent years.

Syracuse University Athletics - SU Ranked in Final NSCAA Top 25 Poll

After posting a 14-6-1 record and earning a berth in the NCAA Sweet 16, the SU men's soccer team concluded 2012 ranked No. 17 in the final NSCAA/Continental Tire Top 25 poll, released on Tuesday, Dec. 11. It marks the second time in school history the Orange earned a spot in the final NSCAA poll, and its third overall appearance in the final national rankings.

Catching Coach K: Can anyone match Mike Krzyzewski's stellar record? - College Basketball - Andy Glockner -

The most obvious case is Syracuse's Jim Boeheim, the other remaining active coach from this elite Golden Generation, but for this exercise, the assumption is the 68-year-old will retire before Krzyzewski and/or won't catch him.

I hope you like existential peril: Catholic schools to split from the Big East - The UConn Blog

It's a giant, shifting landscape filled with questions right now and it's not clear that there are any good answers for UConn. The school's best bet is hoping for more instability in the power conferences, which might finally put UConn at the top of someone's list, but that's not a guarantee and there's no timeframe for when or if it could happen. So right now UConn's in limbo, and it doesn't feel very good. Let's just hope that this is finally the bottom of the barrel, so we can get started on climbing up.

Former Syracuse football player Shutang Mungwa raps while Shamarko Thomas bobs his head...