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Everything Syracuse Fans Need To Know About The Gotham Classic

The Gotham Classic is coming! The Gotham Classic is coming! What the hell is the Gotham Classic?

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The Gotham Classic is coming! The Gotham Classic is coming!

What the hell is the Gotham Classic?

Let me help...

Seriously, what is the Gotham Classic?

The Gotham Classic is one of those in-season tournaments that isn't actually a tournament. The centerpiece is a December 22nd game between the Syracuse Orange and Temple Owls in Madison Square Garden. Around that game is a collection of games involving the Canisius Golden Griffins, Alcorn St. Braves and Detroit Titans. Each of those teams will play Syracuse and Temple on those school's home courts as well as one another.

Do the outcomes of those other games affect the Syracuse-Temple game?

No. They have absolutely no bearing. Syracuse could lose all three of them and they'd still play Temple at MSG.

That's weird, no? Why bother even having those other games then?

It is weird. And I don't really know the answer to your second question. I don't know what they accomplish.

So if Syracuse goes 4-0 in the Gotham Classic, what do they win?

Four basketball games.

Are there any benefits to these games?

Well, half of them will be nationally-televised. The Temple game and the Detroit game will both be on ESPN2. The Canisius game and the Alcorn St. game are both going to be on TWCS and SNY, though depending on Jim Boeheim's win total, the Alcorn State game could change.

What's up with Jim Boeheim's win total?

In a confluence of really good timing for the Gotham Classic, Jim Boeheim is currently at 898 all-time coaching victories. If Syracuse defeats Canisius on Dec. 15, he'll have the chance to hit 900 against Detroit on the 17th. Then, he would take 900 victories into the Temple game on the 22nd and, in theory, tie Bobby Knight for 2nd place all-time by beating Alcorn State on the 29th for his 902nd victory. All of this is dependent on Syracuse winning all of these games, of course.

Is there a chance Syracuse might not win all four of these games?

There's always a chance but, on paper, it's not likely. Canisius is solid at 6-1 but they haven't really played anyone & their loss came to Stony Brook. Detroit is 5-4 and has lost to St. John's, Miami and Pitt. Alcorn State is 2-6 and got crushed by 40 by Missouri.

As for Temple, the traditional A-10 power is a solid team. They're 7-1 and that loss was a blowout one to Duke. They might give Syracuse a little trouble but, given the MSG environment, Syracuse should win the game.

Will there be Gotham Classic t-shirts?

Do you need to ask?