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Former Syracuse Players Reaching Out To Help Luke Cain

Some good news to come out of yesterday's depressing realization by CNY Central that former Syracuse Orange linebacker Luke Cain has been begging for change in downtown Syracuse just six years after his career. A group of former Syracuse players, known collectively as the Syracuse University Football Letterman’s Club, are reaching out to help Cain however they can.

After the story aired and was posted on, Jerome told Kenyon on Tuesday, "We had no idea. I wish somebody told us sooner... This is a tragedy. This can't be allowed to stand."

Jerome explained former football players are working together to help Cain. "The guys have started blogs, my phone has been ringing off the hook. Facebook pages going... Everything. We will get this done right."

Unfortunately, it sounds like Cain is suffering from injuries that may have taken place on the football field. Not that it needs to be for the SU community to reach out and help, but hopefully knowing that causes more members of the SU family to help out here and elsewhere.

Here's the video story from CNY Central: