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Okay, We Can Talk About The Michael Carter-Williams Thing Now

The rumors of what Michael Carter-Williams may or may not have done over the weekend caught fire Monday. The Post-Standard confirmed that he wasn't arrested and there is no outstanding issue with the store. closed?

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Someone first emailed me about the rumor that Michael Carter-Williams had "assisted" himself to some goods without paying for them on Sunday. Noting that "Syracuse Player X was just arrested for shoplifting" is a rumor I hear every season, I wrote it off as nothing.

Then someone forwarded me the photo allegedly showing MC Dub-Dubz being led down an escalator by a very large man in a handcuffy-kind of way. Honestly, I didn't think it was MCW. I thought it was a tall, light-skinned black man who kinda looked like him but wasn't and everyone was just being a huge racist.

I figured it would all go away and chocked it up to the same kind of weird nonsense that led to people believing Scoop Jardine shaved points last year.

Then MC-Duz apparently tweeted about the rumor, saying he wasn't arrested and that it was all a big misunderstanding, thereby confirming that it was in fact him. Though said tweet was deleted shortly thereafter.

Just like with the point-shaving rumor, some gambling nudnik "broke" the story Monday. With things officially out in the open, the Post-Standard team went into action. They spoke with the Syracuse Police Department who confirmed that, no, Michael Carter-Williams was not arrested over the weekend.

Sgt. Tom Connellan, speaking for Syracuse police, said the store did not contact Syracuse police on Sunday and that Carter-Williams was not arrested.

SU officials had no comment. A Destiny USA mall security representative said Lord & Taylor did not call for assistance on Sunday. A Lord & Taylor representative had no comment.

Of course, what's not stated in the article is that no one denies that SOMETHING happened. The Big Lead spoke with someone at Lord & Taylor who basically danced around the fact that whatever the incident was, it's being swept under the rug.

And as a Syracuse fan, I'm fine with that. There are greater tragedies in this world and more-pressing concerns in all our lives than proving whether or not MC-Dub-Dubz shoplifted from Lord & Taylor (Lord & Taylor, you guys!). We're not talking about the Delone Carter incident where someone got hurt or the Marcus Sales incident where someone could have gotten hurt.

May God have mercy on the soul of whoever asks Jim Boeheim about this during the next post-game presser.

Keep calm and carry on.