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Syracuse Daily Links - Deon Goggins Style

"Deon has really come to work," Daoust said of the 2012 edition. "He does a great job taking care of his body – his film study, his meeting preparation, everything."

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More mature Deon Goggins helps anchor Syracuse University defensive line |
"Deon has really come to work," Daoust said of the 2012 edition. "He does a great job taking care of his body – his film study, his meeting preparation, everything. He’s really come such a long way. I’ve talked to him more and more about being a role model in our room, and I’m really proud that I can say that about him."

Syracuse football's Deon Goggins talks about his team |
"Our team is very close. Since I’ve been here, this is the team that’s been the closest on and off the field. You’ll see guys hanging together that you really don’t expect to see." "My best friend on the team is (junior center) Macky MacPherson. We play opposite sides of the ball, and we’re both like the small guys on the line and kind of like the anchors. And he’s my roommate."

Expert predictions for the new season - Men's College Basketball - ESPN
Eamonn Brennan, John Gasaway and Jay Williams have Syracuse in the Final Four.

The season ahead
The USS Midway was once the largest ship in the world and served in the U.S. Navy from 1945 to 1992 and will serve as the arena for the 2012-13 SU men’s basketball season opener on Sunday against the Aztecs. I think it will be the first win of a pretty good SU season. Not legendary, but good.

Transcending time: Syracuse players recall witnessing captivating moments in Big East history | The Daily Orange
One of those rare moments took place just more than three years ago in the limelight of New York City, inside the World’s Most Famous Arena, at the center of basketball’s mecca. A six-overtime classic between Syracuse and Connecticut was instantly recognized as one of the greatest games ever played.

Up and coming: Syracuse hopes to take step further as program with group of elite freshmen | The Daily Orange
Long an afterthought at Syracuse, Quentin Hillsman’s work in progress that is the women’s basketball team has given people a reason to pay attention. There’s an electricity around the team after the head coach brought in the best recruiting class in program history.

Building mystique: The Carrier Dome proved to be a key factor in the Big East’s growth during the 1980s | The Daily Orange
"Then the Carrier Dome helped the Big East to just explode," said Len Berman, the first television announcer for the Big East. "It seemed like every time we were there we were setting an on-campus record for attendance and there were 30,000-plus for some wild Syracuse-Georgetown games.

What to watch in the Big East: Week 11 - Big East Blog - ESPN
Does Jerome Smith keep it up? The Syracuse running back has eclipsed the 100-yard mark in three straight games and is making a late push for a 1,000-yard season. The Orange have a chance to knock off the unbeaten Cardinals, and Smith, at 731 yards, is looking to give his school a 1,000-yard back for the fifth straight season.

Rescheduling of the USS Midway game causes grief for some Syracuse basketball fans |
"I’m just pretty annoyed and pretty surprised about how they handled the whole thing," Barrow said. "I’m in PR and I’m just shocked how they announced it. The core of it for me is if you’re charging $150 per person for tickets, then it’s a fan-centric event and it should be about the fans. All the responses I’ve heard so far have said this decision has been made for the players."

Syracuse football defense faces a big challenge in Louisville QB's ability to improvise |
"Teddy Bridgewater and the receivers," senior strong safety Shamarko Thomas said when asked about the challenge. "They have big-time receivers and playmakers. We have to fly around and cause distractions for the quarterback. We just have to go out and play."

Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving show plenty of promise for Cleveland Cavaliers |
"I think Syracuse helped me out a lot as far as being a team player and having to sacrifice. When I got to Syracuse, I wasn't a starter, because coach (Jim) Boeheim is a loyal guy first and foremost, and the guys that were there before me had been there a long time. I didn't know how to adjust to that my freshman year, coming out of high school, Top 15 player, given everything. Coming there, I had to work for it. I didn't know how to handle it. My second year, I knew my role, I knew what I had to do and I excelled at it."

Andy Rautins works out in Syracuse as he awaits his D-League assignment |
"They said they really liked me," he said. "They really wanted to keep me but it's just kind of a numbers thing at the moment. They were obviously pressed for cap space with the guys that they had. But they wanted me to stick around and stay close to where they are. So that's a good sign. I'll play some good basketball and hopefully something good will come out of it."

Syracuse football team gets Adonis Ameen-Moore back for Saturday's Louisville game |
"It helps us," Marrone said. "It’s a greater level of confidence for us when we get in those (goal-line) situations. Not to take away from Jerome Smith, Prince-Tyson Gulley or Ashton Broyld, but . . . that style of running down there is quite different. And Adonis has really helped us because he is a big back who runs low and keeps his feet low to the ground and has done a good job of making the one cut and going. And he has had success down there. The challenge is making sure we can get down there to be able to use him."

Syracuse football team's leading receiver bounces back quickly from a minor lower-body injury |
"What happened to Marcus is he had a little injury that was bothering him after the (Cincinnati) game," Marrone said. "He came back and started practice on Tuesday . . . it was a lower-body injury, and it started to irritate him a little bit. We wanted to be cautious on our end so we took him out of practice for the test of Tuesday. And then we made adjustments on what to do with that injury as far as taping and padding and then put him back on the field, and he had a very good day yesterday, so we have no concern with his ability or play going into the game on Saturday."

An insight into how organizers decided to move the Battle on the Midway to Sunday |
The feasibility of that scenario had to be worked out. Sunday is Veterans Day and the USS Midway, now a museum, needed to agree to accommodate the game. When that happened, Fox Sports alerted its affiliates about the change. Most of its networks do not televise the NBA or the NFL, Ford said, which made the switch feasible on a day when both professional leagues offer a full slate of games. It took 36 hours, he said, to "get clearance on channels."

John Nolan, Ben Peck and Darius Joshua preview Syracuse's match up heading into its first game on the U.S.S. Midway against San Diego State.

'Cuse Countdown's Ben Fontana, Russ Reed and Corey Crockett preview Syracuse's matchup with Louisville.