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What Will Syracuse Basketball's Record Be In 2012-2013?

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Now that we know the storylines and the expectations, let's dig in to find out how many games the Syracuse Orange will win this season.


Let's get down to brass platinum tacks, you guys.

Brandon Triche is ready to lead. Michael Carter-Williams is going to be the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. DaJuan Coleman and Rakeem Christmas are going to combine for a baker's dozen blocks per game. C.J. Fair and James Southerland will use their length to do things that require length and bring length to the lengthy 2-3 zone.

We got it. We know what we're working with. You can all stop doing your season previews now, other people.

There's only one thing that still matters: How many basketball games will the 2012-2013 Syracuse Orange win?

Let's dig in and find out, anti-Nate Silver style.


  • November 11th - San Diego State at USS Midway
  • November 18th - Wagner
  • November 21st - Princeton
  • November 25th - Colgate
  • November 30th - at Arkansas

I think it would be very easy to have the mindset that we had by the end of the regular season last year, which was that this team is going to win just about every game. While I think this squad is going to be very good, I really think we need to remember that one-loss regular seasons are rare creatures for anyone and unlikely to happen again. So let's calibrate.

We're going to lose either the San Diego State or Arkansas game. One game is against a really good team while the other is an okay team on the road, which is kinda the same thing.

We head into December with a record of 4-1. That's fair. It also ensures that we get a break from the whole undefeated t-shirt glut that we've become accustom to. I'm fine with that.


  • December 3rd - Eastern Michigan
  • December 6th - Long Beach State
  • December 8th - Monmouth
  • December 15th - Canisius
  • December 17th - Detroit
  • December 22nd - Temple @ MSG
  • December 29th - Alcorn State
  • December 31st - Central Conn. State

While we might not be as good as last year's team, we're still good enough to come out of December with all wins. The Temple game should be tough but we're still expected to beat them at MSG (Home South). We head into Big East play with a record of 12-1.


  • January 2nd - Rutgers
  • January 6th - at South Florida
  • January 9th - at Providence
  • January 12th - Villanova
  • January 19th - at Louisville
  • January 21st - Cincinnati
  • January 26th - at Villanova

On paper, it's a fairly easy January. Or at the very least, we ease into Big East play, as much as one can do that. USF is much improved but I other than that I don't see a really tough game until Louisville. However, remember that the usual Syracuse Hate is going to magnified this season. That Providence game could be a serious trap and the Villanova game most certainly is.

I'll give the Cardinals the win in the Yum! and I'll take a loss either to Cincinnati, Providence or Villanova here, bringing our record to 17-3 (5-2).


  • February 2nd - at Pittsburgh
  • February 4th - Notre Dame
  • February 10th - St. John's
  • February 13th - at Connecticut
  • February 16th - at Seton Hall
  • February 20th - Providence
  • February 23rd - Georgetown
  • February 25th - at Marquette

The gauntlet. Pitt is improved, ND is good, at UConn has major trap game potential, as does Seton Hall, and then there's Georgetown and Marquette. It's gonna be a brutal month and I could see a patented three-game losing streak attempting to derail the season here, especially when the requisite rumor about a player injury/scandal emerges. Loins...gird them.

I'm gonna split the month 4-4. I just feel like we owe the basketball Gods for last season's spoils. With that, our overall record is now 21-7 (9-6).


  • March 2nd - Louisville
  • March 6th - DePaul
  • March 9th - at Georgetown

Well look, we're not losing to DePaul. Just not happening. The other two games? Oof. How huge are those games going to be from a coverage standpoint, attendance standpoint and hype standpoint? A TREMENDOUS standpoint all around.

After a rough February, I'm gonna give us the benefit of the doubt and say we win two out of three. I have a lot of fear about losing that Georgetown game, just feels like some kind of karmic Big East/Good Guys loss. I want to say we'll go 3-0 but I'm gonna hedge bets and say we finish up 2-1.

That gives us an overall record of 23-8 (11-7). For a little perspective, we went 23-8 (11-7) in the 2008-2009 regular season. That year ended in the Sweet Sixteen. Not saying this is my ideal finish, just what I came with in this run-through.

That finish probably falls short of the expectations of a No. 9 team. Hopefully I'm just under-hyping like a good Syracuse fan. We shall see.

Your turn, how many wins do you think the Orange will finish the regular season with?